#1 Rated Ghost Tour in Miami.

Find out why Miami isn’t only a hot spot for beachgoers, but is one of the most haunted coastal cities in the United States. Join us as we reveal some of Miami’s shocking hidden history and the hauntings that persist to frighten unsuspecting guests and residents alike. Do you have what it takes to join us for a tour?

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Discover the city’s bizarre and haunted history on a Miami ghost tour, and witness a chronology baked in mystery, murder, suspense, and tragedy. Swipe away the mask of this picture-perfect locale and see the tragic history hiding behind its false face.

  • Ghost Tour Meeting Location: Miami Art Deco Building at Lummus Park across from The Clevelander: 1001 Ocean Drive (coast side)

  • Tour Duration: 1hr. across 1 mile

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  • Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Kyla Williams 5 Stars It was really fun... read more
03 Dec 2023
By: Kyla Williams
Lee Bowmar 5 Stars We had a brilliant tour with Maria, she took us to some great, historical and iconic Miami South Bea... read more
30 Nov 2023
By: Lee Bowmar
Jonathan Allen 5 Stars Our tour guide was great! Learned a lot and had fun!... read more
11 Nov 2023
By: Jonathan Allen

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Unlock The Darkest Secrets Of South Beach

A place of glitz and glamour with a rich past, Miami’s history is also checkered with some of the most gruesome tales around. South Beach might be less than 150 years old, but the seedy characters it attracts and the implausible stories that happened in Miami will take hold of you and haunt you for a lifetime. You don’t have to visit during Halloween to experience the ghosts of South Beach.

Florida is the front line in the battle between the USA, Cuba, and South America. The secret spy war of the cold war was waged on the doorstep of America. Think of all the CIA spooks, Colombian cartels, hitmen, serial killers, and the dregs of society this city has a nasty habit of attracting – that’s who you might see on your tour of Miami.

A melting pot of nationalities, religions, and greed, South Florida has quickly become one of the nation’s most haunted spots. When you book a tour with Miami Haunts, we provide you with a spooky, fun, and entertaining night full of mysterious phenomena and historical tales. Brought to you by the passionate local guides that will knock your socks off with an entertaining, yet ghoulish, and historical tour.

Miami Haunts Sneak Peak

You’re about to hear about the ghosts of notorious gangsters, mysterious Cuban refugees, and Hollywood royalty – to name a few, as we tour some of the most haunted mansions, hotels, and parks of South Beach. Places like the infamous Versace Mansion, now known as Villa Casa Casuarina, where you’ll learn about its tragic past even before Gianni Versace was shot there, in one of the most iconic murders of South Beach.

Explore a faux Spanish Mediterranean villa that was once the home of poets, artists, and actors during the height of Prohibition. Once a social hub for Al Capone, you might meet one of the many ghosts of Al Capone’s reign of terror in Miami.

Go VIP With An Exclusive Extended Tour

If you choose to delve even deeper into haunted Miami by taking the extended tour, you will see a Diner with a spooky history that has been rumored to host more than its fair share of phantoms and demons. You’ll venture into the art deco era and possibly spot not one but two specters in a renovated boutique cinema. Rumor has it; this historic site is home to a pair of avenging poltergeists that battle for everyone’s attention in a most bizarre ectoplasmic turf war.

Miami Haunts aims to give you an off-the-beaten-track adventure because we want you to have a unique experience in Miami. This guided tour fans the flames that will make you challenge your assumptions, face your darkest fears, and put your skepticism to the test. Why? Because we give you the best of the most historically rich Miami lore and urban legends.

Join the Miami Haunts walking Ghost Tour and dare to be scared!

7 Reasons to Book Ghost Tour with Miami Haunts

We’ll Give You A History-Based Ghost Tour Experience

In Miami, fact is stranger than fiction. On this tour, you’ll be immersed in the authentic historical facts and stories that make up “haunted Miami.” Our professional tour guides lead you on a wild adventure into the unsettling historical truth and macabre reality of the fiesta town known as South Beach, Miami.

We’ll pass the Tides Hotel, base camp for the espionage war against Cuba, where Americas best spies fought the Communists in an increasingly bizarre and desperate war played out on the beaches of Miami.

You’re About To Embark On One Unforgettable Night

Your walking tour with Miami Haunts will bring you face to face with some of the most haunted hot spots in South Beach. The unresting city of Miami is full of demons, ghosts, and monsters that haunt this tiny region. Perhaps you’ll lay eyes on the scariest ghosts and creatures lurking behind the palm trees and neon hues.

The mysterious spirits that haunt the Villa Casa Casuarina no one has seen them directly, but everyone from Joel Freeman, the wealthy treasurer of Standard Oil, who built the original mansion to Gianni Versace and the current owners have felt the presence and seen its monstrous effects.

Because You Can Break Out Your Walking Shoes

Get out into the nightlife of Miami and give your dancing shoes a rest while you take one amazing walking tour of the city. You will experience eight different locations on the mile-long standard tour. Add the extended tour at checkout for VIP access to four additional haunted locations with fascinating and scary tales from the past.

We’ll walk through the vibrant promenade of Española Way, home to more ghosts than you might think, including the enemies of Al Capone, who would hide out in the bars and clubs of Española Way while the heat was too hot in Chicago.

What You Can Expect On Your Hauntingly Good Tour

You will receive 60 or 90 minutes of engaging, captivating exploration of Miami that you’ll remember for years to come. Your ghost tour is a fast-paced look at Miami’s dark history full of crime, passion, and tragedy. Your tour guide is a local expert in the field and will keep you hooked from your very first moment to your last. Miami is a city of extremes; everything happens to its maximum here. From crime to nightlife, to displays of wealth and excess.

The Betsy Ross hotel, like South Beach, has had a fast and rough ride from a luxury hotel, to a military R&R base, overrun by soldiers. It then became a safety net hotel for those down on their luck during the great depression and has seen more than its fair share of suicides, leaving many spirits to wander the rooms and cause mischief at night in the hotel corridors.

You’re looking for a Different Kind of Tour

Your experienced, local guides have a passion for telling the stories of their city, with unique insight and original tales, they bring the spirit of South Beach to life as no other tour can. You would have to live here for years to get the same insight into this town that you will get on the Miami Haunts tour.

With a pretty veneer and so much for the visitor to do South Beach is one of the best cities in which to take a haunted walking tour. Behind its glittering facade of glamourous beaches and VIP guest experiences, you will find a bizarre, sometimes savage town, with so many stories of pain and misery that have left unhappy ghosts and ghouls behind.

Experience the Glitz and Glamour of Miami

Not only will you get all the surprises, haunts, and laughs – you might even rub elbows with the ghosts of Hollywood royalty. Visit the places that once hosted some of the most fearsome mobsters in the world. You might even come across cryptic coded messages on the walls of historic buildings – only decipher them if you dare to read their deadly message!