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About South Beach Specters and Wraiths

South Beach and Miami have always had a sway over the Nation’s subconscious, like a renowned historian once said:

“Miami should have it’s own CNN substation.”

It is a place of glitz and glamour soaked within a blood-drenched past with a sketchy heritage. South Beach might be new, less than 150 years old since it was exploited by railroad tycoons, but it still somehow managed to make up for its lost time; racking up staggering homicide rates, bizarre personality and just about every cutthroat and knave out there.


It is an eccentric region, a melting pot of religions and creeds, that has slowly become one of the nation’s most haunted spots. At South Beach Specters and Wraiths Ghost Tour, we provide our guest not only with a spook filled ride but a generally fun and unique take on one of Florida’s most iconic hotspots. 


We give you the inside scoop and the skinny on the memorable pieces of historical data that have been conveniently edited out by Tourist Boards. Each building, each tourist-filled hotel, and bar, harboring its dark deep secrets; its, in many cases quite literally, closet full of skeletons. 


We’ll give you new optics to truly judge and appreciate this cosmopolitan city. South Beach Specters and Wraiths Ghost Tour strives to enhance history and fill your nightmare tank with terror laced tales by presenting you with the facts and stories of a thoroughly researched walkabout. We gift each story with the nuances and creepy tidbits that truly worm their way under each of our guest’s skin; the unsettling truth and macabre realities of the festive town known as South Beach.


We aim to inform and delight, to make you do double takes and appreciate the madness that this region has sprung into life. To give you the chilling facts and let them claw their way into your subconscious and make you question your own reality; to foster terrors.


South Beach Specters and Wraiths Ghost Tour aims to give you an off-the-beaten-track adventure; a unique experience few tourists in Miami ever get a chance to partake in. A walkabout fraught with CIA spooks, sea monsters, Colombian Cartels, hitmen, serial killers and the dregs of society this region has a nasty habit of attracting. Everyone is welcomed… We encourage discussion and fan the flames that make us challenge our assumptions, face our fear and put our skepticism to the test.


After you leave, you’ll take away with you a wealth of information on perhaps one of the most decadent spots in the Nation. You’ll be gifted with a slew of information regarding Miami lore, history and its urban legends… Plus incentives to visit other of the State’s various haunted sites.


South Beach is bizarre, deranged and savage, it is still very much the Wild West. Under its facade of glam and pop hides a primal personality that eats people up. You deserve to know the madness that courses through its veins, you deserve to look past its curtain and truly glimpse the wizard that guides this magical and dangerous land. 

Do you have the guts? 

“Welcome to Miami, hope you survive the experience.”…

Why is South Beach so haunted?

During a dark time in our nation’s history, Miami managed to score the biggest homicide rates in the world. In the US alone, 25% of gun-related deaths were in Miami. A relatively young city, it’s still a city that has been steeped in tragedy and crime since its inception. That’s how the nickname “The Magic City” was adopted through the rapid growth, which was then observed by winter-time visitors who saw that the city grew so much from year to year that it was like magic. 


Because of this growth, many people across the United States migrated south to Miami, leading to an abundance of specters, wraith, ghouls and demons. 


A land cursed by the savagery of man, a frontier town that has always attracted the worst of humanity Miami still thrives today. Because of its ritzy hotels, bars, and theaters the city became the staging grounds for some of the most despicable and vile acts throughout history. The dark personalities that plagued the town have led to the creation of many restless spirits and ghosts who compete for your attention, who long for vengeance, and even those who still remain with their worldly thirst for violence.  


A frontier town, one that was partly domesticated by Henry Flagler and his railroad, now it’s one of South Florida’s premier vacation destinations, with beaches, sunny weather, a rich history, and a lot of cultures, sports, and entertainment. Miami was also a town that, during its inception, was nothing more than a place crooks and outlaws flooded when the law was hot on their trail. A place that even the likes of President Lincoln and President Grant didn’t want to touch. Florida as a whole was a No Man’s land of depravity and mayhem at that time and, to this day, over 40% of the Nation’s fugitives are caught in Florida. However, that shouldn’t discourage you from a visit and a guided ghost tour of the city. We’ll try and keep you safe – we promise. Just maybe not from seeing one of the many apparitions that haunt the city. 


This southern city with all of its charm has also been the staging ground for various wars.

From the many soldiers going off to fight Spain in Cuba to the brave men preparing to take on Nazis in Europe, and the outnumbered cops of the now-legendary Cocaine Cowboys street wars – Miami is very haunted indeed. As former FBI agent once told the President on live TV: “Miami is the most dangerous place on Earth.” However, the only danger you will find on your haunted tour of Miami is the chance of seeing one of the many ghosts and whether or not you can handle it!