Tour Preview

Our tour blends history and hysteria, mystery and mayhem from the annals of real recorded fact. The story of Florida is fascinating, and Miami leads the pack.

Some of the stories we researched while putting together our tour were just a bit out of the way of a walking tour, we felt trudging out to the Flood Road to see Al Capone’s secluded mansion, an hour away from the nearest police station, and surrounded by Croc infested swamps, was a bit beyond the scope of our tour, as fascinating as it would be to see the place he allegedly silenced his enemies…

So the stories that we could not include on our tour we added to our Haunted Florida Ghosts blog, something to get you in the mood for the Miami Haunts!

We want you to be rocked back by the rollercoaster ride that is our tour. We want you to experience the cinematic flair of something exciting and surprising without any preconceptions. Nonetheless, we understand the need for a small taste of what you’re edging into. If you’re in the mood for a fast trailer, a better idea of what’s in store, then scroll down and have a quick overview of the nail-biting excitement we offer.

The Versace Mansion.

Now rebranded as the Villas, this was the place were renowned fashion icon Versace was gunned down by a serial killer… and even before that historical moment that shocked the nation, the Villa had a checkered past of ghosts and ghouls.

Española Way

A faux Spanish Mediterranean villa that was once the home of poets, artist and actors… and during the height of Prohibition, one of Al Capone’s main social hub. Find out how many bodies and ghost the Chicago outfit gifted South Beach with during Capone’s reign of terror. 

11th Street Diner
Extended Tour Exclusive

A vestige of the past plucked straight out of rural Pennsylvania and nailed to one of Miami Beach’s most iconic corners. A diner with a spooky history and it’s fair share of phantoms and demons.

O Cinema
Extended Tour Exclusive

One Miami Beach’s City Hall, this renovated boutique art house has managed to capture not one but two specters. Two diverging poltergeist that fight for everyone’s attention in one of the most bizarre ectoplasmic turf wars in the world.